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Stylit Gives Free Weekly Fashion Advice To Professional Women

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Stylit Gives Free Weekly Fashion Advice To Professional Women

An Israeli fashion website called Stylit offers a free online personalized styling service for women where users are given weekly outfit recommendations that the company says will match their style, size and budget.

It was one of only eight fashion tech companies chosen to participate in this year’s New York Fashion Tech Lab, a 12-week incubator program which offers mentoring from leading fashion retailers and brands such as Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, Estee Lauder, clarisonic opal online,Macy’s, J. Crew, and Ann Taylor. Ralph Lauren chose to mentor them.

Calling itself, “your online personal stylist,” Stylit lets people fill out a questionnaire which it says will tell the company what your “style DNA” is. It promises that their team of professional stylists will then scour the web to find the perfect “head-to-toe outfits to fit your style, body type and budget.”

The recommendations for outfits are disseminated to users every Friday. The company frequently updates its database with the latest trends, so people will be offered different suggestions.

People can also rate each look and Stylit uses that feedback to help it determine what people like.

Stylit’s CEO Yaniv Nissim recently gave Forbes an interview. As he explained, “Stylit works by combining machine-learning algorithms with insights from professional stylists, curating the online shopping experience to solve the ‘decision paralysis’ that many experience when overwhelmed by the limitless choice available online.”

He also asserted that they have almost a 100% competition rate for their questionnaire, meaning that people actually enjoy filling it out.

Nissim boasted that their platform, “clarisonic plus gives the professional working woman an enjoyable and effective tool to simplify the process of selecting and buying the clothes she wants and needs. Stylit gives the professional woman the tools to convey that message faster, more effectively, and more easily. Fashion might be about the ‘industry’, but style is about self-expression, and Stylit makes self-expression easier than ever.”

As for the help that Stylit got from Ralph Lauren, he said that they learned better how to offer their services directly to fashion designers and retailers.

With headquarters in New York, Stylit was founded in 2012 by Yaniv Nissim, Maya Kramer, Michael Gutkin and Shilo Ayalon.


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